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If you have not visited Cetinje it is like you have not visited Montenegro. Historic and present Capital of Montenegro opens the door of the past which is even nowadays depicted through authentic atmosphere of this small but unique town. A huge number of buildings, relics, monasteries, churches and museums may be one of the reasons to stay in Cetinje and get to know it. Visiting the town enables you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the past, its clean air, well-known hospitality of the citizens of Cetinje and original specialties of Montenegro.


To experience Cetinje in a right way, take a break in the town beneath Lovcen and get lodging at Martinovic family's Pansion 22.

Pansion 22 is located in the heart of the old town core, 200m away from Zetski dom, King Nikola's Museum, Cetinje Monastery and President's Residence. Pansion 22 offers you a high-quality accommodation during the whole 365 days of the year.